Security of beehive scales and apiary station – Calling on mobile phone and SMS

FILIP has a security system for the apiary station, beehive and the scales itself. It contains the vibration sensors if the scales move. Sensitivity can be adjusted.

It has an input for magnetic contacts or motion detectors, or a photo-trap. By magnetic contacts, you can ensure the access to the object through the main door, or to secure each hive against falling or stealing. Also, it can monitor the movement of persons or animals in the vicinity of the apiary station.

It has an output – relay for switching the siren on. In the case of the alarm, the output turns on automatically for 30 seconds, and then it turns off. You can connect a siren to it, or any warning light. Relay can be controlled also via SMS by commands "SON" and "SOFF".

The security system activates itself by SMS command - "AON" – alarms ON. Vibration sensor is activated by SMS command - "ACCON". If you require functioning of the sensor of vibrations in the scales, alarms must be turned on by SMS command -"AON". You can turn off these functions by SMS command "AOFF" and "ACCOFF".

If the vibration sensor of the scales is disturbed, the alarm will turn on immediately, and FILIP will send an alarm SMS, and will call on the mobile phone, of which number is in the list on the position 1. If the call will not be answered, or it will be declined, FILIP will start to call to second number in the list. It will not call to the second number, if the first number will be accepted or declined on the mobile phone. In the case that the beekeeper accepts the call on his/her mobile phone during the alarm, he/she can hear, what is happening in the area of the apiary station. The scales have inbuilt microphone for loud hearing through the GSM network.

If the beekeeper arrives to the apiary station and the security system is turned on, by opening the door – if there is a magnetic contact connected to the scales – the scales will wake up. From 10 to 45 seconds from opening the door, the beekeeper must call the scales from his/her mobile phone with the authorization to communicate with the scales. The scales will decline the call automatically and turn off the security system. If none of authorized numbers calls the scales, alarm will turn on – the relay will switch on (siren), alarm information SMS will be sent, a the system will call to the mobile phone number, which is listed in the memory on the position 1. Information about the access to the apiary station, as well as all alarm activations are logged on the WEB server, even if the security system is turned off by calling – the internet must be activated in the scales.

By calling to the scales, the security system is alternatively turning off and on. However, the scales must be active or woken up. Alarm condition can be verified on the WEB server or via SMS by the command "SET".